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since the posts have to start somewhere… here’s an old picture of Brady’s cat Pet with a fresh kill (no, it’s not our cat according to B. it’s his, because he named him):

this weekend i found pet outside the door with some new type of kill (a mostly black bird with some dark green). the dying bird’s mate was dive-bombing him and he was so eager to get in that he didn’t even try to bring in the kill. the other damn bird hung around and continued to squawk like mad for most of the day.


and a related t-shirt i keep meaning to buy:


(from The Onion)


flo control project

ok, this post needs more geek content – so speaking of cats and kills, i see this guy’s computerized pet door is still running. it prevents entry if the cat has a kill in its mouth, and you can even see what kitty’s been up to today on the “Flo watch” page.

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