2012 Macbook Pro 15 Custom Skin (printed at DecalGirl.com)


i created the abstract design above in Photoshop for a custom skin to put on my new Macbook Pro and had it printed through DecalGirl.com.

never been a fan of the bulkier “shell” style cases, though they do offer more protection. hopefully this will at least keep it scratch-free. i’ll update this post with how it turns out.


since DecalGirl doesn’t offer a bottom, i ordered a black carbon fiber style fromĀ http://icoverskin.com




received the skins and got them applied. the bottom and top went smoothly, but the inside was sort of a PITA.

i ended up with the outer strip of the right speaker a little crooked. as soon as it touched, it grabbed hold pretty good – so when i went to pull that part up, i stretched the material. i had to cut out a little section to get it to lay flat.

overall i’m very happy with it though! it’s an inexpensive way to makeĀ something uniquely yours.

p1070212-8228651 p1070208-8325663

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