re-styled (and shoutouts to: HTML5 BoilerPlate, Font Awesome & PHPStorm) Technology Consulting


i did a quick re-style of my consulting site ( yesterday.

it’s just a simple “business card” site. funny how making something for yourself never seems to be a priority. one-day i’ll update it with a project case study or something relevant. fortunately 99% of my consulting work comes from referrals, so the site serves only to show that i am indeed a “real” business.


here’s the old site, feeling very dated and heavy to me:

the old DevButton 2010


and here’s the new site, see it full-size at

the new DevButton 2012


built using…

i used, but removed quite a few items unnecessary to my mini-site. if you like html5bp but are working on more of a web application, check out Kickstrap. it’s a customizable version of html5bp and Twitter Bootstrap plus other goodness rolled into an easy-to-configure open-source project.


as long as i’m recommending things…¬†FontAwesome

web application designers should also check out FontAwesome. it’s a glyph font of imminently useful symbols, and much more. the project includes all the files necessary for the symbols to work in web apps and gives you complete control with CSS. having vector-based icons is great for mobile apps due to the wide variation of screen sizes and pixel densities. the simple licensing makes it suitable for commercial projects.

awesome indeed


JetBrains PHPStorm/WebStorm

and finally i have to give props to JetBrain’s PHPStorm and WebStorm IDE products. Webstorm is an advanced IDE for HTML/JavaScript & CSS. it’s snappy but still full of features. i’ve been using the trial of PHPStorm and plan to purchase (PHPStorm includes everything that WebStorm has plus PHP and database features).

the JavaScript code inspection & navigation, syntax completion, refactoring , debugging and code quality tools are the top features to me. tools such as FTP/Git/Subversion, spellchecking, integrated webserver, and local file versioning are all built in. and of course it has native support for popular modules, templates and tools (BootStrap, HTML5BoilerPlate, jQuery, YUI, JSHint/JSLint, Node.js, CoffeeScript, etc.)

from reading reviews on earlier versions, it’s always been a promising IDE. however, the new version 5 seems to have really brought it up into the list of top contenders. if you tried it before and couldn’t find a feature you wanted, give it another shot.

what a long feature list you have

everything, including coding style (for the re-format/cleanup tool) is highly configurable. JetBrains includes some nice light and dark themes for the editor as well. visit for even more. i’m using a modified version of Lopatin Alexandr’s OBSIDIAN theme in the above screenshots.

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