quickie: how-to fix a cracked Henge Docks vertical 1st gen stand for Macbook Pro

i really dig my Henge Docks vertical docking stand so i was bummed when the connectors stopped lining up consistently.

cracking up

damn space age materials

on quick inspection i noticed that the thin plastic between each connector had split in 3 locations. unfortunately my version is one of the first generation all-plastic vertical docking stands (for the pre-Retina Macbook Pro). the newer versions shouldn’t have this issue due to several enhancements in design, including a mostly metal chassis. i also wasn’t using “official” cables from Henge Docks for the USB 3.0 connections (because they didn’t exist for quite a while).

a quick fix

i figured an extra screw to hold the 2 opposing sides together would fix the issue – and it did. it took me longer to sort photos and create this post than to finish the fix.

since i wasn’t populating the hole for the thunderbolt port, it seemed the most elegant solution would be to use the existing threads for that connector as the nut.

i drilled a small pilot hole from the threaded side first so my screw would line up.

step 1, have a drill

next, a larger hole on the opposite side using the always handy step-bit (aka Unibit).

step-bits rock

i can’t tell you the exact screw diameter or thread pitch as i just dug around in my bucket of random bolts till i found one that worked.

almost done already! through the new holes... ...and out the other side!

if you didn’t have an empty port near the ones that cracked, you could still apply the same basic fix, using a much smaller diameter screw and your own nut. just place it directly below the cracked plastic separator (where there should be a little space between each connector).

ding! fries are done.

you can still see the cracks, but now the connectors stay in place well enough to restore easy docking functionality.

10 minutes later... the current work area



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3 responses to “quickie: how-to fix a cracked Henge Docks vertical 1st gen stand for Macbook Pro”

  1. stephen Reply

    hey man i love what you did here for a quick fix, but I acc stumbled upon this looking for something else – being what usb 3 cables will fit into he henge dock? I live in the UK and henge docks want a sh*t ton of money for the official cables, are there any particular brand that will work? thanks!

    • theksmith [website] Reply

      sorry, i don’t know any but the official ones that fit just right. i have 2 different brand cables that i was able to trim down with a utility knife till they fit… you just have to take it a very little bit at a time so they fit snugly.