how-to root the ASUS MeMO Pad 7 (ME70C / ME70 / K01A / ME7000C) (step-by-step instructions)

there’s a plethora of cheap (~$50) refurbished ASUS MeMO Pad 7’s commonly available on sites like eBay, Woot, and DailySteals. though the screen leaves something to be desired, and it’s not particularly powerful, the MeMO Pad does have current entry-level hardware and a recent version of Android available. combine all that with easy-to-root status and you have a decent little secondary tab.


i found a lot of out-of-date instructions for rooting and conflicting info due to different versions of the MeMO Pads. the ME70C (shown as K01A in the About screen) is a slight step below the more common ME176CX. i’m not sure if these instructions work for the 176 series or not, but i’ve verified them twice on a ME70C.

standard disclaimer: anytime you hack around what the manufacturer intended, you risk messing something up. i didn’t create this exploit (shakalaca did) and bear no responsibility if you brick your device.

you may not need every step below, this is just what i did with a brand new tab and it worked consistently for me.


tablet prep

  1. settings > backup & reset > factory data reset > check “erase internal storage” > click the reset button and follow any additional prompts. (tablet will reboot)
  2. run through the  basic setup after reboot, skip any account creation, DO join a wireless network and set the timezone. the tablet is probably then on android version 4.3 with build JSS15Q.WW_MeMO_Pad=
  3. settings > about > system update > check updates.
  4. you should see a new update available, version, un-check “auto update”, then proceed with the update.
  5. when the update finished downloading, tap the notification to start the install and follow any prompts. (tablet will reboot to finish the install)
  6. the tablet should now be on android version 4.4.2, build KVT49L.WW_MeMO_Pad-


the root exploit

  1. download RootZenFone- from here:
    • for the Android build number listed in step 6 above, you need RootZenFone version! if you ended up with a newer build after the update, then you likely need a newer version of RootZenFone.
    • if the above download link is not working, Google for the file and download from another source at your own risk.
  2. go into WiFi settings and “forget” EVERY network you ever connected to! then turn off WiFi & put the tablet into Airplane Mode.
  3. settings > security > check “unknown sources” & un-check “verify apps”.
  4. settings > about > software information > tap “build number” a bunch of times till you see the message “you are now a developer”.
  5. settings > developer options (verify ON) > check “USB Debugging” & check “Allow mock locations”.
  6. use the built-in File Manager app to find the RootZenFone- file you downloaded and tap to install it.
  7. open the RootZenFone- app, tap OK to the disclaimer.
    • get ready with one finger on the power button…
    • tap the “OK I know, please root !” button and immediately start counting to 10 (one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, etc.)…
    • ignore any dialog about demo mode (i.e. you don’t need to tap OK or anything)…
    • when you hit 10 (you were still counting right?) immediately turn off the tablet by holding down the power button and then tapping “Power Off” on the dialog that is shown.
  8. turn the tablet back on.
    • after the typical ASUS boot logo, the device will go to an “android” logo for a moment. eventually it will restart again on its own and you will then see an “upgrading android” message briefly.
  9. once it’s finished booting up, you should find the SuperSU app in the App Drawer. verify it launches without issue and you should be rooted!


fixing any problems

if somehow you ended up stuck in “demo mode” – see these instructions for a fix:

if you just can’t get root –  you likely didn’t wait exactly 10 seconds during step 7 above, or you have the wrong RootZenFone version for your Android build number.

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22 responses to “how-to root the ASUS MeMO Pad 7 (ME70C / ME70 / K01A / ME7000C) (step-by-step instructions)”

  1. Jeff Hillock [website] Reply

    Nice write up! What’s the aftermarket support like for those? It sounds like it would make a great navigation tablet.

  2. Kristoffer Smith [website] Reply

    Jeff Hillock i originally bought it because it said GPS/GLONASS, but turns out it has the “bad” kind of A-GPS (i.e. it *requires* a network connection to get a lock). i tested it with an external bluetooth GPS and it worked great, but for the $50 tab + $80 external GPS, you could just get a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 WifI ( i’ve read several reports of the Galaxy 3 having a “real” GPS (both the WiFi and GSM versions, but NOT the “Lite” model). it definitely also has a better screen, recently came out with an Android 4.4 official update, and is rootable i believe even after the update.

  3. Ross Dorn Reply

    I own a K01A with android 4.4.2, but built number is
    As I tried to root this thing once before (when it had 4.3 installed!!!) and ended up stuck in the demo version… I want to be sure of what I am doing this time.. is from November, so obviously younger than your Oct 24 version.

    Can you help me with any information about that one?

    I would love to get rid of all the garbage of this tablet, but do not want to risk getting stuck in the demo version once again.

    Thanks, RD

    • theksmith [website] Reply

      all i can say is that i had no problems following the exact procedure several times. be very sure that you upgrade to the same version i was on before patching, and then use the same version of the exploit i did. also many people talked about the timing (count to 10) being important, but i found it pretty forgiving. good luck!

      • Ross Dorn Reply

        I understand that, especially the ten seconds, which messed up my old tablet (ASUS gave me another one !!!)

        My question concerns the update of 4.2.2 it is another, newer version. Will it work there?
        Or do I have to find (where?) the old version of 4.2.2 ???

  4. omid reza Reply

    i have a asus k019 with android 5.0.1 (ww.fonepad.
    i use 6 ways to root my tablet but no one do not success.
    your solution too.
    please say me is there any solution for this problem ?
    thank you so much.

  5. Mesmerize Reply

    I believe you when you say this method worked for you, but I followed your instructions EXACTLY and all it got me was spending hours trying to figure out how to get out of demo mode. When I say I followed your instructions exactly, I mean literally every step from beginning to end, and yes I double checked that I was updated to android version 4.4.2, build KVT49L.WW_MeMO_Pad- with all the other options enabled/disabled and specifically used the RootZenFone-

    After I counted precisely 10 seconds, I rebooted with no root and the annoying demo mode in the taskbar that keeps popping up with “unfortunately Asus demo has stopped” every few minutes. Then I tried to use those poorly worded, vague instructions to get out of demo mode, and they’re hardly any help at all. Triggering demo mode from calculator didn’t work because it didn’t have the necessary files to run the demo. Downloading the demo mode zip for ME70c and copying it to sd card and then copying to internal storage gave a message of updating. but still demo mode couldn’t launch, even after a restart. Trying to boot into recovery and do a data wipe only yielded error messages and still booted back into demo mode. Finally, after turning on wifi and waiting forever, the tablet seemed to download the demo mode files over wifi and I could finally launch demo mode from calculator. It’s important to note that the back button is not held at the demo mode video that can be played, but at the main demo mode screen with a slideshow. Hold the back button 10 seconds on that slideshow screen and then you can input the password to reset.

    Now my tablet is reset from demo mode and I’m back where I started, except I’m on Android 4.4.2 Build number KVT49L.WW_MeMo_Pad- and I’ve checked for updates after multiple restarts and it says the system is up to date. I’m confused what exactly happened, but I thought I was gonna brick my tablet for sure. Approach this method with caution!

  6. MB Reply

    works wunderful with my ASUS ME 176cx k013 first try without any probs (4.2.2 Build ww-
    … but i useRootZenFone of curse :-)
    Thank you man – you save my day, i try 99% of all root-tools, no way. But this works!!! :-)

    Thanks again & best Regards

  7. Paul Reply

    Thanks this is the only how to root instruction that worked . and on the first try. You rule… I was at this for 2 days. I came on to this and it work no problem…Now on to more important things….

  8. kelvin Reply

    I have upgraded mine to Android 5.0 and and seems that the RootZenFone does not work any more, is there anyway to rollback the ROM.


  9. Mike Lyon Reply

    Worked like a charm for me too. Just bought this tablet brand new on sale for $40. Thanx man! Greetings from Chile!!

  10. Mr. Flibbertigibbet Reply

    doesn’t work. followed the instructions to the letter and still bupkis, epic fail!

    • [website] Reply

      in the about screen – what does it say your hardware model number is and your Android version & build?

  11. BernieSquirrel Reply

    Thank you, after many many tries with other instructions, this was the most clear. You gave us details as to what versions we should see on the tablet. This works with my K017 model number, which is probably the ME170C. Ignore the screen popups, don’t touch anything, count to ten, shut off power. It worked!

  12. Bernie Getz Reply

    It works on my memopad K017, I think that’s the ME170 version. I’ve tried everything, this is the correct version. Thank you!