customized 1/16 Losi Mini-SCT (short course truck)

mmm.... stickers!

i did this last year, but haven’t updated the blog in a while…

Aimee got me a Losi Mini-SCT R/C truck last year for my birthday. i had been wanting to get back into R/C (i sold all my old nitro and some electric stuff several years ago).

here’s the SCT stock after a couple runs:


i never did a ton with my old R/C bodies, so i thought i’d try to spruce this one up a bit…

i started with 3 layers of paint (silver, black, white):


having only painted a body once before, i made a few mistakes – not having masking tape pressed good for a clean line, using too much paint per coat and getting crackling, etc – but it came out decent.

i bought a decal kit for a 1/10 size truck that i thought looked like it had some useable pieces:…/dp/B000VCXT1O

and i bought the truth/dare decal kit which is also for 1/10 scale:


i took a long time with decals. making paper templates and then cutting out the decals from the templates with an Exacto, etc., but i think it came out pretty nice!

mmm.... stickers! p1020696-8139870

just wanted to show others out there without mad paint skillz that we can still make a custom body!


as far as the truck itself, the only problems i have had are the steering servo… i ran into furniture f’n around in the house too much and completely destroyed it, i guess it’s a known weak point though. i upgraded to the Hitec HS-5055MG (metal gear) using the LOSB1226 servo saver. i had to trim the tiniest amount off the ear of the servo to make it fit, then drill 4 holes for the mounting (as the ears have single centered holes instead of duals). taking apart half the front end to change the servo was the only PITA!

you can upgrade to LiPo and get more speed, but with only 2wd it’s already hard to really control on dirt. it’s really a great little basher truck though.

the Traxxas 1/16 Slash gets more attention than the Losi (and it’s a great rig with being 4wd), but i ended up with the losi BND kit since i already had a Losi radio and it’s a bit more affordable than the Slash too. if you’re just a basher like me, just get the Losi.

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