modded Spektrum DX3R R/C radio


this is a really old mod… i felt like writing something and all my current projects still have the hood up right now.

i blinged out this Spektrum DX3R with a custom wheel, skin, and backlight. it’s the original DX3r which has now been replaced with the DX3R Pro.



p1030492-9283764p1030493-8524351 i like hue too

the above is a pretty accurate representation of how the backlight color came out with the combination of the red EL panel and the LCD’s natural greenish tint.


in the last pic, you can see the backlight on/off push-button switch (red) on the back side. it was a RadioShack one i had laying around.

i purchased a tiny EL driver and the EL panel from, but it appears they no longer carry them. bummer. i found this one which may work, but it’s not as small as the smartie, so not 100% sure:

anyway i didn’t take pics while doing the panel mod. mainly i just had to trim the panel to fit and trim some of the inside plastic molding on the radio. be sure to Google for doing EL panels with RC LCD’s and you’ll find all the info on the potentially difficult step – peeling off the reflective LCD backing WITHOUT messing up the polarizing layer that needs to stay.

EDIT: i just found some step-by-step instructions for doing the EL panel from user “losikid” that’s on several forums:



the wheel is from Yeah Racing and i’m pretty sure it came with the correct Spektrum adapter.



the skin is Freq-E Dezigns, it’s the “Urban”.



that’s all folks

i think it came out clean and it matches my Losi Mini-SCT.


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