you’ll shoot your eye out kid


Brady and i got air guns for Christmas and we still haven’t had a chance to get out of town for some extended shooting… i am hereby making it a priority this month!

he got a step up from the traditional Red Ryder, a Crossman M4-177 pump rifle. with 600 fps, rifled barrel, picatinny rails, windage & elevation adjustments, and a telescoping stock – it ain’t your Grandpa’s first BB gun. Santa even mounted a BSA LS650 Red Laser Sight with remote pressure pad on it for him!


i got a pistol. the Hatsan Mod 25 Supercharger, .22 caliber version:


rated at 700 fps rated with standard lead ammo for the .177, and 600 fps for the .22, it’s a pretty serious little air pistol. well, actually, there’s nothing “little” about it. weighing in at nearly 4 pounds and featuring an 11+ inch barrel, she’s a big girl.

maybe i’ll update this post once i’ve had some real time with the pistol. for now here’s a very complete review by AirGunDepot:

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