our new tortoiseshell cat is a bitch princess


this is Pepper, or Princes Peppers as she has become more commonly called.

she is a tortoiseshell, or tortie for short. apparently torties are known for their tortitude, a fact i wasn’t aware of when we got her! more on that in a moment.


how did we end up with a dirt-colored princess?

my absolute best buddy of 13 years, Noche, got hit by a car.  i rushed him to the vet, driving on sidewalks and running red lights, but he couldn’t be saved (don’t try that yourself, it was stupid). Noche had more personality than many people i’ve known, and he will be forever missed.

RIP Noche.


it took over half a year before i’d even let Brady mention the idea of a new cat, but then suddenly one day i was ready to go checkout the adoptions.


maybe they have some kittens…

we headed over to the local PetSmart since they have a HALO Rescue adoption center. Aimee liked this fat lazy gray cat that didn’t move much, but Brady and i were immediately drawn to a talkative, super-friendly odd-colored thing named “Charity”. upon reading her little card we found out she was “quite a talker”, around 2 years old, and sadly had been waiting for adoption for like 9 months! sure we wanted a kitten, everyone wants a kitten – but that’s why adult cats like her end up waiting so long for a home.

with a little convincing, Aimee was ready to give Charity a chance. first order of business was a new name, none of us liked Charity and she didn’t seem to recognize it either. so she became Pepper due to her dark speckled mottling. i had actually never seen a cat with a coat exactly like hers. i thought it was really neat and it’s one of the reasons i wanted to get her. most everyone else seems to think she’s ugly though! poor dirty looking homely kitty.



she’s not dirty. she’s a tortie & they’re special!

back home with a noisy brown lump in tow, i Googled about the coloring. 30 seconds later i was starting to wonder if we made a mistake. just search for tortoiseshell cat personality and you’ll see why. torties are famous for personality certain traits, and it turned out Peppers was true to them all.

  • “quite a talker” turned out to be a severe understatement – way to church it up PetSmart! Pepper wouldn’t shut up for a week, and she was loud. i mean “it’s 3AM and if you don’t stop meowing at the top of your little cat lungs i’m gonna throw you out the window” kinda loud. now that she’s calmed down she doesn’t meow all the time… but she’s still loud when she wants something and she’s almost always chirping, chortling, squeaking or squawking. it’s mostly amusing now ;)
  • Princess/bitch – check! if her water bowl is down more than a half inch from the top, she will whine till we top it off. if she eats out a hole in the middle of her food, she will whine till we shake it flat again. at least she’s smart enough to lead us to whatever is wrong. when she’s making that certain annoying meow, we ask her “what’s wrong” and follow her. she’ll run along a few feet at a time looking back to make sure we’re coming and take us directly to whatever she’s pissed about.oh and we have to scoop her litter box daily or she won’t use it. she also won’t use it with just crystals (we have to sprinkle some regular litter in too). if anything isn’t to her liking she’ll drop a steamy one about a foot outside the litter box to let us know. friggen gross.
  • affectionate and gentle – see it’s not all bad! like a hippie’s dream VW bus, she runs on pure love. if someone would lay next to her all day and pet her i don’t think she’d ever have anything else to complain about – that’s what she wants most.now that she’s had a few months to warm up to us, i can sometimes rile her up and she’ll put her teeth on me to play but never bites down. she must have been someone’s house cat before ours because she knows to not use claws or press with her teeth when wrestling. i honestly don’t think it would even be possible to make this cat act aggressively.
  • and finally, another supposed trait was spot on: single-owner loyalty. since i work from home and am therefore around more than Aimee or Brady, she attached herself to me. she even tries to sleep next to my head every night and really only cares what anyone else is doing if i’m not around for a couple days.

so yeah, she’s a PITA quite often. anytime the thought of taking her back crosses my mind, i just figure “who else would take her?” i don’t think many people would put up with her idiosyncrasies and initial extreme shyness long enough to become attached. besides, it’s not her fault she’s particular, it’s in her genes! and she is very loving after all (when she’s not annoyed about something)!



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  1. Elizabeth Reply

    I enjoy reading about people who have adopted one of these amazing pets. I have one myself named baby who is 13 years old. About the talking part, thats 100% true.